Carpet Cleaning ProcessDelivered with great customer service, our citrus-based carpet cleaning method is more effective than other carpet cleaners. Stains and heavy soiling don’t stand a chance against the CitruSolution method. We clean your carpet without leaving foam or other residue behind, and our low-moisture process means that we never leave your carpet full of soapy water.

We take pride in helping Chicago residents change the way they think about carpet cleaning, and we’re honored to be known as the carpet cleaner that removes pollutants from your home. Our quotes are exact, we don’t sneak in hidden fees, and we never charge extra for problem areas. We respect our customers, and we are proud to do honest business with them

CitruSolution of Chicago offers a better and faster way to clean your carpet. We brush out your carpeting, absorb the dirt, and clean up with a dry vacuum. Our exclusive method uses environmentally sound products, our solution smelling citrusy fresh, and your flooring will be clean and dry in only 1-2 hours. Beat that, steam cleaners!

Our Process is Exceptionally Effective

Our process is effective on the toughest carpet stains. Check out our results gallery to see before-and-afters firsthand:

Our Solution is Fast Drying

Our cleaning process uses very little moisture, so you won’t deal with the inconvenience of soggy, soapy carpets when the job is done!

CitruSolution is Environmentally-Friendly

We don’t use harmful chemicals, so CitruSolution products are safe for the bare feet of your family and your pets.

What We Quote is What You Pay

We base carpet cleaning pricing on the idea of “exactimates,” not estimates. The price we quote you is the price that you pay, guaranteed.